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NSF and NIH Data Sharing Policies

NSF Data Sharing Policy -- According to NSF's "Dissemination and Sharing of Research Results," NSF says that "Proposals submitted or due on or after January 18, 2011, must include a supplementary document of no more than two pages labeled "Data Management Plan." To get you started, please see below NIF's "Data Management Plan" text template for NSF grants.

NIH Data Sharing Policy -- According to NIH's "Final NIH Statement on Sharing Research Data," NIH's policy is that "all investigator-initiated applications with direct costs greater than $500,000 in any single year will be expected to address data sharing in their application."

Data Sharing Text Templates - for use in Grant Proposals

Please use the text below in your grant proposals that include NIF in your data sharing plans.

It is a primary objective of this project to make data more accessible. Upon publication or termination of grant, all suitable data will be made public and available in collaboration with the Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF). With the help of NIF, we will determine the most effective way to locally prepare experimental data such that support for uploading and sharing within the NIF infrastructure is possible. NIF maintains a dynamic inventory of neuroscience resources, including data at all levels from molecules and genes to cells, gross anatomical structures and function, which enables discovery and access to public research data. Once uploaded into NIF, our data will be integrated with the NIFSTD ontology, to improve accessibility, as well as basic NIF data analysis tools to allow general inspection of our data. Moreover, our data will be made freely available from NIF via REST API services, which permit downloading of any data file in NIF, and as Linked Open Data through NIF SPARQL endpoints, which provides links between published literature and the databases contained within. Data will be available for direct download. The data will be archived and preserved by the California Digital Library and researchers will be notified of the newly deposited data set via the existing NIF mailing lists, blogs, and webinars, where deemed appropriate. By using NIF as our data-sharing platform, we hope to improve accessibility and integration of our data within the global landscape of neuroscience research. Our collaboration will ensure that proper data storage and sharing techniques are performed.

Optional Text - use as appropriate

Where applicable, mailing lists will be maintained for submission and implementation of bug fixes and feature requests. NIF Forums will be used to promote community involvement in future development. Meetings will be held in conjunction with major conferences. Deposited code will be maintained by NIF.

All code developed to implement algorithms, data transformation scripts, user interfaces and other functionalities of the system will be made available to the research community through a standard licensing agreement, such as the Creative Commons Attributions 3.0 License.

NIF is situated within the Center for Research in Biological Systems (CRBS). CRBS maintains production infrastructures for several large-scale projects, including NIF. Software code will also be deposited into community code repositories, such as NITRC and the INCF software center, to ensure that they continue to be available after the completion of the NIF project.

If you need additional assistance in incorporating the Data Sharing Statements within your grant, please contact the NIF team at info@neuinfo.org.

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