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NIF Services

NIF provides a range of products and services that can be integrated into your website, software tools, and databases to enhance your resource. NIF offers:

  • Discovery Portal: An innovative semantically-enhanced search engine of the largest collection of neuroscience information that allows users to customize and refine their searches via NIF's terminologies.
  • NeuroLex: A wiki for viewing and contributing to the most comprehensive neuroscience vocabulary available.
  • NIF Digest: A monthly update of personalized literature (myNIF), the social buzz, what's new in NIF, featured monthly resource, and new grants -delivered to your mailbox. To sign up go to http://neuinfo.org/mynif/login.php
  • NIFSTD Ontology: A comprehensive collection of neuroscience domain terminologies woven into a unified representation that can be incorporated into your resource.
  • NIF Navigator: An information panel that provides comprehensive access to NIF’s federated data resources and that may also be easily incorporated into any website or application.
  • Drug Related Gene Database: Facilitates discovery and use of resources relevant to drug abuse research.
  • Antibody Registry: A global registry of more than 935,000 antibodies that provides an authoritative reference to disambiguate antibody products.
  • FIN: A service to enhance your application or website that recognizes neuroscience-specific content and generates dynamic links to NIF’s collection of information and resources.
  • NIF Cards: Info boxes that can be added to your application or website through simple web links. (See examples)
  • Concept Mapper: Semantic tagging to enhance your resource by NIF experts.
  • LinkOut Broker: NIF provides links between PubMed articles and your data when you register to the Data Federation through the LinkOut Broker. To enable this feature, your data must include PubMed IDs.
  • Ontology Engineering: Expertise and experience in building and enhancing the main terminologies and ontologies.

For Developers:

  • Data Federation Access: REST services for direct access to the NIF data federation index and resource registry. These services allow any application to access the largest collection of neuroscience data and informaton
  • Ontology Services: REST services for direct access to the NIF vocabularies with the capabilities to query for concepts and relationships.
  • NIF Resource Catalog Services: Access to the metadata from NIF's Registry of curated neuroscience resources using a programmatic interface.
  • DISCO: An information integration approach desgined to facilitate increased interoperation among Internet resources.
  • SPARQL Endpoint: NIF continues to make more of its data available as RDF linked data.
  • Developer Documentation can be found here.

NIF Statistics

NIF Version: 6.2

Ontology Version: 2.9

Level 2.5/3.0 Resources: 239

Registry Entries: 12,598

Total Records: 829,679,866

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